Mountain Clubhouse

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Aspen Membership

Find luxurious relaxation, panoramic views of the San Juan Mountains and fine dining at the Mountain Clubhouse. Available to Aspen Members, the 20,000-square-foot space features a stone dual fireplace, a game room with billiard table, a dining room with solarium, extensive wine cellar, private dining room and elegant décor that sets the tone for relaxed, mountain living. Enjoy exclusive weekly gatherings, events and entertainment to create strong relationships and community connections with like-minded neighbors and members.


Valley Clubhouse

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Alpine Membership

All Glacier Club members can enjoy a casual yet refined experience at the Valley Clubhouse. A great happy hour and gastropub cuisine await you at the Mineshaft Bar & Grill, as well as a “grab and go” menu for those needing something quickly. Themed events take center stage in the clubhouse’s Prospector Hall, along with a patio for spectacular views of the Hermosa Cliffs.