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Our Story


Glacier is an uncommon mountain community where lives are shaped by heart-felt moments in nature.


It all began with a glacier…

A force so powerful that it carved its way through the western slopes of the Rockies, creating some of the most dramatic and breathtaking terrain in the continental U.S. And now, as if born from the land, our community exudes a spirit as unique as the surrounding white-capped peaks, crystal clear alpine lakes and broad meadows that surround it. Here, Glacier’s thousand-acre wilderness shapes the lives of its owners and members — free to find their idyllic pace amongst it all. To pick up new outbound pastimes or slow down, at glacial speed, and savor the moment.

Glacier Club History

Glacier’s expansive property was originally established as a series of hotels, a convention center, meeting facilities and a ski area in the early 1970s until Rick Carlton of Nashville, Tennessee purchased the development in 2001.

Born from the developer’s inspired vision for a private, luxury club and community in an otherworldly corner of Southwest Colorado, Glacier is now in its 17th year as one of the finest residential locales in the Rockies.

Glacier Club History
Glacier Club Durango

Glacier embraces the authentic western history of Durango, with a particular nod to the area’s rich mining history. Currently recognized as one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets, Durango was first founded by the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company in 1880 to serve the San Juan Mining District where the mountains abounded with silver and gold. Today, Glacier is a thriving private community with modern cabin homes and land for sale, an adventurous lifestyle ideal for multigenerational families and individuals, and a year-round calendar of member events.

Our Glacier-Carved Landscape is Your Story to Shape

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