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Glacier Staff Spotlight: Pro Skier Tad Elliott

Glacier’s authentic mountain lifestyle is made possible by a community of spirited and genuine team members — one being Winter Activities Intern and professional athlete Tad Elliott, known to be one of the finest pro skiers of his generation. With ski season in full swing, we’ve tapped Tad to share a bit about his background and what his life looks like at Glacier.

Former U.S. Ski Team member and a three-time World Championship team skier, Tad grew up right here racing for Durango Nordic, going on to pursue a 12-year career in professional ski racing and mountain biking. Not only a world-class skier, Tad also has won two U23 National Championships in mountain biking. After retiring from professional racing, Tad worked as an assistant coach for Northern Michigan University’s NCAA team for a year before joining us here at Glacier, where we are so grateful to have him.

While we are in awe of the trail that Tad has blazed, it seems that Tad’s knack for athleticism runs in his blood, as he comes from a whole family of Olympians. Tad’s father, the legendary skier Mike Elliott, is a three-time Olympian for American cross-country skiing, and even has a ski run named after him (known as “Elliot’s” run) at our neighboring Purgatory Ski Resort. Tad’s sister, Paige, skied professionally as well, going on to coach for the U.S. Paralympic Nordic Skiing Team.

Currently, Tad assists with instruction for various types of skiing and will assist with golf and biking at the Activities Center when summer rolls around. “Glacier Club has been an organization I have admired growing up in Durango,” Tad tells us. “The location and facilities they have really incorporate the mountain club lifestyle.” Tad also noted that the gorgeous golf course adds quite a bit to the allure factor of Glacier.

Tad’s presence on our team adds a novel sense of excitement to our community. “My career of traveling the world gives me a broad knowledge of skiing and biking activities that I hope to share with members and their guests,” he remarks. While he has made the transition from sport competition to sport instruction, Tad explains to us that although the intensity of sporting has changed, his passion for the outdoors has remained the same, as being at Glacier has granted him new perspectives: “I just get humbled a lot more now, especially on the golf course.”

Looking to the future, Tad is also currently pursuing a degree in Sports Administration, with the hope to bridge his intellectual savvy with his passion for the outdoors in his career going forward. And so far, Tad shares, “Glacier has been a perfect fit, teaching me all the healthy aspects the club offers. The lifestyle up there is everything I am fond of and love.” Also passionate about youth sports, Tad wants to explore more ways to deliver experiences of learning and growth through sport instruction.

If you happen to see Tad around the club, don’t hesitate to say hello. You may have just found your new go-to instructor!