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Glacier Guide: Winter Wildlife Watching in Durango

As snow piles high across the San Juan Mountains this season, winter wildlife becomes an everyday sight. Surrounded by more than three million acres of protected wilderness, Glacier’s wildly natural setting makes for an incredible animal playground — home to everything from deer and elk to eagles and owls. Not sure what to keep an eye out for during your morning hike? Here’s everything you might be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of this winter. 

1,000 Acres of Wilderness & Wildlife

Nestled into an ancient glacier-carved landscape that spans 1,000 private acres, Glacier offers residents front-row seats to the wildlife show as animals descend from the peaks each winter. Deer, elk, sheep and more traverse Glacier’s meadows and forests, while predators like bobcats, foxes and mountain lions follow close behind. You might even catch sight of a moose or black bear — just be sure to take precaution!

Flocks of Winter Birds

Lively flocks of birds keep Glacier residents company throughout the winter, too. Chickadees, finches and more gather at feeders while acrobatic ravens perform above the ridges. Listen for eagles, hawks and owls echoing through the forests.

Peak Sightings: Morning and Evening

Early mornings and evenings present the best chance to spot large mammals in the open areas as they seek grasses and shrubs. Listen for the unique bugling of bull elk gathering their herds and catch a glimpse of impressive antler racks.

With wildlife watching opportunities at their peak, grab your binoculars and camera to see what wild neighbors you can spot this winter. Tag us on Instagram @glaciercolorado so we can share your sightings with the community!