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Glacier’s Green Initiatives

We deeply appreciate the inexplicable, heartfelt experience that nature gifts to humanity. As a community shaped by nature, carved into the heart of a grand ecosystem — we strive to honor our Glacier’s ecological legacy. In addition to our environmental projects that have been running for the past decade, Glacier will continue to introduce new projects and initiatives. Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on to reduce our environmental footprint.

Community Recycling

In 2015, Glacier started our community-wide recycling program. Involving all of our facilities and residences, the recycling program serves to conserve natural resources, reduce carbon emissions, mitigate landfill growth, protect natural ecosystems and benefit the local economy. 

Going Solar

Starting this year, Glacier is partnering with the Durango-based Shaw Solar to install approximately 350 kilowatts of solar generation capacity. The solar arrays aim to cover over 96% of the energy usage of the wastewater treatment plant, the Valley Clubhouse, and the Glacier maintenance facilities and offices. On an annual basis, our new solar project’s pollution avoidance is projected to:

  • Remove 408 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Eliminate 88.8 passenger vehicles from the road for a 1 year period (and the pollution equivalent of driving 1,025,801 miles). 
  • Avoid the burning of 451,139 pounds of coal
  • Eliminate the equivalent of 5.4 tanker trucks of gasoline
  • Provide enough power to electrify 74.1 homes
  • Remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere as planting 6,749 trees

Composting Initiative

Covering all of our bases, Glacier is also reducing and renewing organic waste by partnering with local food waste solution Table to Farm Compost. Touching base with each of Glacier’s various dining outlets, this partnership not only reduces landfills and the potent methane gasses they emit, but also enriches our soil and supports our farmers.

Greening our Golf Course

Only 850 golf courses around the world are certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries for Golf— Glacier’s being one of them since 2010. Our course is monitored under the criteria of site assessment/environmental planning, wildlife and habitat management, chemical use reduction and safety, water conservation, water quality management, and outreach and education. 

Roughly 20 percent of the water used on our course is reclaimed—and our new pond fill installation will raise that percentage even higher. Our water quality is improved by aerators and live grass carp. Routine checks of irrigation heads, wetting agents and practicing hand-watering also reduces our water use.

In keeping our golf courses healthy, the Glacier team applies plant growth regulators to reduce fertilizer and water usage, while maintaining optimum playing conditions. We spot treat and hand-pull weeds, maintain buffers around all waterways, use slow-release fertilizers and conduct regular soil tests as well.

On the ecological side of our green initiatives, we’ve installed a multitude of birdhouses around the course, and plan to sow wildflower seeds to expand our pollinator population.

At every touchpoint possible, we seek to make Glacier a more eco-friendly part of the earth. Learn more about what we’re doing on the ground from our monthly newsletter, where some of these projects are covered in more detail. As we continue to grow these initiatives and introduce new ones, we’ll continue to share them. Keep up with our ongoing programs, and join us in our commitment to protect our home.