Craftsman Collection

The Craftsman Collection offers the most turn-key solution for those who wish to build a modern mountain home at Glacier within as little as eight months. High-end interiors, a spacious patio for open-air entertaining, large picture windows to invite the outdoors in — all without facing the typical hassles of building from the ground up.

  • Craftsman Collection

    Turn-Key Meets Tailor-Made: Introducing the Craftsman Collection

    Simply select your desired pre-approved floor plan and a compatible homesite, and let Glacier’s expert development team bring to life your dream mountain home within as little as eight months. Because at Glacier, we want you to focus on the moments that truly matter — not the tedious stressors of building.


    Two Flexible Home Plans

    • The Ace + Bunk Room
    • The Legacy

    Five Compatible Homesites

    • Ranging from 0.46 to 1.69 acres

Craftsman Collection Floor Plans

  • The Ace + Bunk Room

    3-Bedroom + Bunk | 3.5-Bathroom |

    Interior Heated SpaceTotal: 2,868 S.F.

    Interior Un-Heated SpaceGarage: 704 S.F.

    Covered Exterior SpacesEntry: 132 S.F.
    Back Patio: 357 S.F.
    Total: 489 S.F.

    ConstructionTotal: 4,061 S.F.

  • The Legacy

    3-Bedroom | 3.5-Bathroom |

    Interior Heated SpaceTotal: 2,747 S.F.

    Interior Unheated SpaceGarage: 670 S.F.

    Covered Exterior Spaces
    Entry: 194 S.F.
    Main Level Patio: 267 S.F.
    Lower Level Patio: 264 S.F.
    Total: 725 S.F

    Uncovered Exterior Spaces
    Main Level Patio: 117 S.F.

    ConstructionTotal: 4,259 S.F.

Realize Your Dream Retreat Within as Little as 8 Months

The Craftsman Collection features two flexible home plans that are compatible with five different homesites, each thoughtfully positioned within a distinct setting amid Glacier’s wild landscape. From The Legacy to The Ace + Bunk Room, both home plans offer high-end interiors and spacious outdoor spaces to revel in carefully crafted comforts. And with every architectural detail fully pre-approved, you can entirely sidestep the usual timetables of designing from square one.

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