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Spring Has Sprung: Prep Your Mountain Home After the Colorado Winter

The winter snows have finally melted away and the warm sunshine has returned to the San Juan Range. That can only mean one thing — it’s time to prep your Glacier mountain home for the warm season ahead. After being closed up tight all winter long, your residence will need some light cleaning and preparation before you can sit back and relax this summer. Here are four tips and tricks for getting your Glacier retreat shipshape.

Deep Clean 

Over the winter, dust has likely accumulated throughout your home’s interior. Give everything a good deep cleaning by washing windows inside and out, vacuuming floors and upholstery, and cleaning out cupboards and closets. Throw open the windows to invite the fresh mountain air in as you sweep away any lingering stuffiness — and be sure to change your HVAC filters for allergen-free breathing.

Check for Pests 

Unwanted critters may have tried to make themselves at home over the winter months while you were away. Carefully inspect for any signs of mice, squirrels, or other pests, and seal up any potential entry points they used. Set traps if needed and, of course, be sure to properly dispose of any present evidence left.

Inspect and Service 

Don’t skip the important step of having professionals inspect, service, and maintain all the home’s major systems and appliances after their winter hibernation. Need help finding help?  Member Services can coordinate scheduling crucial tasks and hiring contractors to check the water heater, fireplace and chimney, major appliances, electrical systems, septic system, and more. 

Freshen Exterior 

Turn your attention to your home’s outer spaces and spruce them up. Clean exterior windows and have gutters and downspouts cleared of built-up debris. Check for any damaged screens and repair or replace them. Carefully inspect roofing, siding, decks, railings, and fencing. Reseal any areas needed with fresh caulk, paint, or stain coatings. And, of course, prep your outdoor living area by cleaning cushions and upgrading any patio furniture for warm, starry nights ahead! 

Prepare Yard 

Tend to your home’s landscaping by raking winter’s leftover lawn debris and prepping for new growth. Have sprinkler systems professionally inspected and turned on when temperatures permit. Prune any overgrown trees and bushes, and get planting beds cleaned up and ready for this year’s flower or veggie garden. You’ll also want to stock up on gardening supplies and yard care tools! 

From arranging cleaning services to stocking your kitchen before arrival, our Member Services team is here to ensure that you focus on the moments that truly matter — like making the most of the outdoors or kicking back with a cocktail. Simply leave the rest to us.